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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is the big day!

OC is going to his new home early this evening. :)

We were afraid it might be delayed because he didn't eat dinner last night, and was out trying to find grass to graze on. He obviously didn't feel 100%, so I was afraid we'd have to put the big day off.

But late this morning, he went back to being his normal (and by now, hungry) self, so Sarah will be by this early this evening to pick him up.

Randall and I are REALLY excited for him. OC has come a long way in the few short months he's been here with us. He now truly understands that one of the best relationships he can have is with people who love and care for him. He's going to make a wonderful pet for Beverly, and I know she's excited that he's coming home to her tonight.