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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foster to Adopt!

You go OC!!!!

The meet and greet with the other dog went off really well today. Beverly (Sarah's mom) couldn't make it, but Sarah brought Duchess over, and there were no problems.

Considering OC's past response to larger dogs, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was hoping that the combination of neutering him and learning that he doesn't have to fend for himself would turn this into a non-event. And it did.

Sarah is going to talk to Tim tomorrow to get the paperwork processed, and then she should be able to come pick him up Thursday afternoon. We're waiting that long because her mom has off Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so she can spend the long weekend working OC into their life.

Randall and I are very excited. It has been such a thrill to take in a dog who basically walked the streets and fended for himself and teach him that being with people is a wonderful thing. I think he's learned that lesson well, and now he's ready to pack his bags and move into his forever home.

We'll remain foster dog free for a couple weeks just in case things don't work out and he boomerangs. We wouldn't want him to have to return to the shelter because there was no room here.

So way to go OC! You've done us proud!