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Saturday, June 11, 2011

OC's Meet and Greet

Sarah and her mother came over this morning to meet OC, and it went really well.

OC spent most of his time on the couch leaning into mom and getting petted. And when she stopped petting, he'd lean in more and look up at her.  There was some pretty good connecting going on. :)

Sarah called a bit later, and they want to bring her mother's dog over tomorrow to introduce to OC. That's really the key. The dog is 45 pounds, but she's apparently broader than she is tall, and she's an adult who has been spayed. So that may make all the difference.

Once we see how that meeting goes, I'll know more. But if it does go well, it looks like OC has found himself his forever home. Which is outstanding. He's a very, very sweet little boy with a great deal of love and companionship to share. I think this would be a very good place for him.

I'm excited about tomorrow and really hope it goes well. I'll probably use Haley for the initial intro since she's so mentally sound. That way, OC can take his queue from her when he meets Dutchess.

So everyone keep your fingers crossed for our boy. I'd love to see him get adopted by a great family!