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Friday, January 28, 2011

Update, January 28, 2011

Snickers has finished his antibiotics. Thank heavens! In 40+ years of owning dogs, I have NEVER had one so hard to pill.

It appears that whatever the cause of the snorting/coughing has pretty much cleared up. Or enough that I'm not willing to go with more antibiotics until I see if it's left or hanging around. I should know by Monday. He really only does the snorting bit maybe once a day now, so I want to see where this stands.

Also, his weight is down below 11 pounds. He was a little over 10.5 when he was weighed yesterday. I'd still like another half pound off him, but he looks pretty good now. The weight has shifted around so he no longer looks like the chunky monkey he was when he came here a couple of weeks ago. He's got a waistline now.

His mental outlook is really good, too. He's settled right in, and he's a very happy little guy. He's loving having the other dogs around, but I think he could live easily either with or without pack mates. He's accepting and playful. Definitely a very young 10 years old.

Snickers is a real comfort seeker, too. When it's cold or dark, he REALLY doesn't want to go outside. We literally have to carry him to the door and scoot him out it. Now, if the sun is out, it's no problem at all. If anything, we can't get him to come in. He really and truly is a sun seeker.

Randall took him for a short walk down the street so I could see just how leash broken he is. On a scale of 1-10, I'd put him at an 8. He's very solid when cars come by, but he's easily distracted by smells. Obviously not obedience trained, but also obviously comfortable on a leash.

Also, it appears he used to be taken along in the car. He gets very excited when Randall is getting ready to leave the house. So car rides shouldn't be an issue for him at all.

Since he's doing so well, I'm going to contact Kris about taking him to adoption events. I suspect that by next weekend, he'll be ready to go. With any luck, he'll find a forever home soon. He deserves his own place where he can be loved and doted on.