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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunseekers :)

Skeeter and Snickers...the sunseeker boys.

Snickers' weight yesterday was still 11.6. And I'm definitely seeing a bit of a waist line and feeling some ribs. His "chunkiness" seems to be dissipating without much of a diet, so it may just be shifting him over to good food is taking care of it.

I'm going to reserve an opinion on what to do for a few more days.

He's still got three or four days of antibiotics. I swear I have NEVER had a dog give me this much trouble with pills. I would have to say he's only gotten 85% or so of the antibiotics, but that's really the best I can do with him. I'll call the clinic later today and see if Dr. Walthall wants to add a few days of pills or not. His coughing/gagging is DEFINITELY going away, but whether it will be gone by the time I run out of pills, I just don't know.

I'll post an update tomorrow I suspect.