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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update, January 30, 2011

Snickers continues to do really well.

His coughing/snorting has cleared up, and he's lost a full pound. He's now at 10.4 pounds, and has a waistline and you can feel his ribs. He looks good.

I've really only seen three issues with him.

First is his tendency to chase the cats, though again, it's a playful, mischievous sort of thing. He has growled at one of them once or twice, but I've never caught him right as he was doing it. It's never amounted to anything, but I would say that a new owner would want to watch him for a bit around cats. We live in a "gated community", so the cats are always able to hop over a pet gate if anything is too much for them. He tends to really want to chase my black Oriental, but Ollie seems to invite it. He loves to run and jump, and what I see between him and Snickers seems more like play than anything else.

The second is I would definitely feed him in a crate. He's not particularly food possessive, but he does better if he can eat undisturbed. He's gotten a bit pushy if he's licking a plate with the other dogs, so a new owner would want to keep that in mind if he goes into a multi-dog household.

Third is his love of comfort. That's not a problem unless it's time to go out and potty and he's asleep on the pillow. He *really* isn't interested in going outside. That's more pronounced if it's cold or raining, but that's not too different from any other dachshund I've owned. :)

Other than those things, though, he's a real sweetie. He loves being with people and small dogs. I don't know how he would be around children, but older children who know how to behave around dogs should be fine. He's a happy little fellow, and he will bring a lot of joy to his new home.

I'm hoping to get some good pictures tomorrow, and I want to speak with Kris and get him listed out on the shelter's site. Not sure when their next adoption event is, but he's pretty well ready to go now. If the weather stays decent, I'd say next weekend will be a good start.