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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update, January 22, 2011

Yesterday and today have been busy, so I've not had time to update Snicker's activities. Tomorrow may also see no update....we're getting a new mattress which means lots and lots and lots of laundry. :)

First off, he's doing really well now that his teeth are no longer hurting him. He's made the transition to a solid kibble diet, and his meal is now in the evening rather than in the morning. It's just easier all the way around, so I'm glad this has been easy.

What has NOT been easy are the oral antibiotics. This dog is VERY sensitive to bitter tastes, so the idea of putting just the powder into a foodball just didn't work. Even dipping the foodball in honey didn't help. So we're back to pill poking. It's a problem because the capsules are getting lodged in the back of his mouth where a couple of teeth were pulled. That means twice a day there is a major fight to get this antibiotic in him. It's needed, though.

That brings me to his gagging. It's definitely less often and lasts a shorter period of time. So the antibiotics are kicking it. I just hope I can get enough in him to completely run this thing off. If not, I'll call the shelter mid-week and have them call in a request for more. I really hope that isn't needed because the thought of having to get more pills down him just makes me shudder.

Dr. Walthall mentioned in an email that liquid was an option, but it, too, is really bitter and he'd have to have 2.5 CCs. I just don't see that happening, so we'll plug away the way we are.

As far as how he's settling in, everything there is working just fine. He still wants to chase Ollie, though his manner is mischievous, not mean. I can deal with that, and I'm pretty sure that if Ollie gets fed up with it, he'll let Snickers know. The other issue was with him and Skeeter. That's over. Both these boys have discovered they like to play with each other, so they've been taking turns chasing each other. It's still sort of tentative, but I imagine that will change in a few days too.

All in all, everything is going very well. I'll weigh him tomorrow and see where he is. Then I can figure out just how much I think he'll need to lose. Now that he's been here a couple of weeks and the routine is setting in, a diet should be much easier.

So that's where he is. I'll try to post at least what his weight is tomorrow, but that may be all I get to.