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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Evening Update 1/16/2011

Today has been a fairly uneventful day.

Snickers has tried to burrow under any blanket he can find, and, I'm pretty sure because of the rain, has had a couple of accidents in the house. Between the rain and a new routine, it's pretty understandable. He just really hates going out in the cold rain, and I can't say that I blame him.

Tomorrow I definitely am going to have to get the shelter involved in getting his teeth cleaned. He literally doesn't want to stay in a covered crate because the smell is so bad. And the other dogs don't want to be around him much either. It's really a case of "Please don't breathe on me."

Poor little guy.

One thing I've determined is that he's really only use to one meal a day and that's in the morning. That works fine. Elvis (permanent foster dog) has to be fed in the morning so he can take his medicine, so it's no trouble to dish up a second helping for Snickers. I skipped giving him anything tonight when I did the regular feeding, and he didn't say a word. That will make it even easier to diet him. I'll weigh him again on Tuesday and see where he is.

Skeeter seems to have pretty well accepted him (except for his breath). I'm only hearing growling and seeing posture change if Randall is petting Skeeter, and Snickers comes up for a scritch. We're working on that, and I suspect it will be resolved completely within a few days.

W/R/T the cats. He leaves Howdy (my Devon Rex hybrid) strictly alone. I think he's figured out that if he pushes too hard, she'll push back. She takes no guff off any dog. As long as he ignores her, she's happy to do the same. Ollie, the big black foster cat, is a bit different. Snickers is more assertive with him. Ollie isn't particularly amused, and I suspect Snickers will find himself on the receiving end of a swat across the nose.

If past experience with dachshunds is any indication, Snickers has homed in on the biggest, blackest thing around. My first show dog, Gusto, used to do that and it drove me to distraction at the shows. He would ALWAYS find the biggest, blackest dog and try to have a stare down contest. Snickers is trying that with Ollie, and Ollie doesn't really care for it. I imagine this won't go on much longer, either.

So I would say he's very good with small dogs, and pretty decent with dog friendly cats. He has to learn the pecking order, but he's not mean about this. Just overly curious and a tad pushy. Nothing that I can see getting out of hand.

So other than a couple of accidents in the house, and some cat testing, he seems to be settling in well. I hope to have an update tomorrow with some idea of when he can be neutered and get his mouth seen to.