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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Penny Update, December 20, 2011

Man. Last update on Penny was back in October. I am REALLY bad!

That said. Let me get this out of the way....

Yep. I knew it the first time I laid eyes on Penny when Randall and I went to pick her up to start fostering her. Matter of fact, those were the first words out of my mouth. Self-fulfilling prophecy. :)

It will be sometime early next year before we make it official, but I figure I might as well put it out there now.

So this is where I get mushy gushy.

Penny is an absolute doll. And she knows it. Pretty, cute, personality plus...and OH SO manipulative. This is the pretty girl who plays up her looks to get what she wants. She has Randall wrapped around her little paw, and while I'm not quite that bad, she can work me over pretty good, too.

Frankly, I cannot believe she was a) in a shelter and b) her people didn't come for her. Of course, she had been at a vet's office for awhile before she hit the shelter, so it's possible there was an attempt but it never went anywhere.

And before someone says, "Love is blind." I'll be the first to admit she has some faults.

Her bathroom habits leave a lot to be desired. Where Padre is very housebroken, and Aggie isn't quite as good as him, but definitely on the plus side of the line, Penny is only marginal. She will potty in the house unless we're diligent in getting her outside. The main problem is she loves to be comfortable and doesn't like to leave her basket/pillow/blanket or whatever the comfort provider of the moment is. And there are a lot of times when her preferred potty spot outside is the patio or the gravel path leading to the yard. These habits don't endear her. They're manageable, but I don't like them and with physical disabilities, I can't get out the door in time to correct her.

The second is rather related to the first, because she seeks comfort and doesn't want to be outside, she has a bad habit of going out the door, turning right around and barking to come back in. I keep a spray bottle handy, and that does help, but I suspect this will be a lifelong thing.

She is quite excitable, and when excited, uses her voice. Which isn't too bad, and isn't something that bugs me like it does with Skeeter, my husband's Chihuahua, but she gets wound up and barks to express her feelings. We're not too consistent on this problem, which means it's something that will probably always happen.

One of Penny's great loves (besides comfort and being with her people) is peanut butter. Got to REALLY watch her waistline because she gets peanut butter to hide pills she gets daily. She's definitely a Peanut Butter Princess.

Overall, she's about where I thought she'd be with us. Spoiled rotten (and getting more so every day) and cute as a button. No surprising the failure here. We've fostered several dogs, and though we're sad/happy to see them find new homes, Penny is our first foster failure...there is just no way we could see her leave.

Like the other updates, this one suffers from camera absence but here are a couple I've taken over the last month or so.

The comfort seeking mini-long bunks next to the comfort seeking Chi-Chi

Persistence...don't need teeth to clean a bowl