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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Aggie Lost...

(I know I need to do a major update, and I hope to get that and maybe some new photos of each of the foster dogs done by Thanksgiving.)

Tonight, we lost Aggie. She was gone. Poof. Disappeared. Missing. AWOL.

After her dinner, she went out in the backyard as usual with the others. And like the others, she came in and got a small treat (it started as a bribe to get my husband's Chihuahua in, and now everyone gets a small puppy-sized biscuit). Then went on into the den like normal.

This was about 5:40. Fast forward to 6:25 when everyone is going into the crates so we humans can have OUR dinner in relative peace. Everyone goes up, and Randall can't find Aggie.

We looked EVERYWHERE. Even in rooms she couldn't get in. Even in the garage where neither of us had gone since earlier today. In closets where the doors were shut or there was no room. Under furniture she couldn't fit under.

In short. No Aggie. And we're in a full blown panic trying to think could we have possibly gone out the front door or out in the garage and not remembered. Nope.

So while I'm making another circuit of the living room, Randall yells out, "Here she is! The damned dog is stuck!"

Sure enough. She'd managed to get in the small space between the airline crates and the wall. And not a word did she say, but when I went in and looked down into her white-masked face, you could hear her say, "It's about time you people found me!"

So Aggie has been found. I think she's still a little ticked it took us so long.