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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HW treatment starting today (Penny)

Penny is starting her heartworm treatment today.

Since immiticide is no where to be found, her treatment will consist of a heartworm preventative every two weeks, and a round of doxycycline for two weeks on and two weeks off. This will go on for some time, but she doesn't have a heavy infestation, and I've got Pred here in case she starts coughing.

Aggie will also need the same course of treatment, but I'm not going to start it until I see how well Penny is handling hers. I'd prefer not to have to problem children at the same time. I suspect I'll start Aggie's treatment in early December.

 I'll post updates on how this is going for Penny in here most likely weekly or bi-weekly unless there is some problem.

(Also, stay tuned for a special announcement on Saturday.)