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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update, August 3, 2011 and Penny Kisses

Honestly, Penny is just about the happiest dog I have ever laid eyes on. Her eyes are always bright, her tail always wags. The only negative is she's never been able to manage kisses since she couldn't figure out just how to make her tongue work right since she has no teeth...

Until today.

This afternoon, she figured out how to get her tongue to do what she wanted it to do, and instead of rubbing her nose up and down on my face and "chuffing", she got her tongue to cooperate and give me the first real Penny kisses I've gotten.

She was so proud of herself, I didn't think she'd stop!

She's currently sitting at 8 pounds. I still want to see more weight on her, but I had opened a can of Canidae chicken and rice dog food, and she doesn't seem to care much for it. She also seems to have some sensitivity to the ingredients. Since having some last night and this morning, she's been itching, sneezing and licking her paws. So she won't have any of that this evening for dinner.

Penny's eyes and nasal discharge have cleared up. She's still got a slight cough, but it is much less than before. She's got antibiotics through August 13, so I'm hoping that even that bit will be gone.

Next Tuesday she goes in to see Dr. Walthall for the first time. I want her to take a good look at her and see what she wants to do about the oronasal fistula. I'm hoping to get Penny spayed at the same time as the surgery, and I'd like to do that soon so the infection doesn't come back before it can be scheduled.

Once the surgeries are complete, we'll decide how to tackle the heartworm positive problem. 

Meanwhile, I may just be forced to take more photos here in the house. It's 112 outside, and there's no real end in sight to this heat. I won't stand around out there to get photos, and I sure won't ask Penny too, either. So maybe I can get a few in the house now that she's feeling better.

Since she's doing so well, I suspect  I won't make another update until Saturday sometime...unless I can get photos.