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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update, August 23, 2011

Just a quick update. We're still waiting for medical stuff to happen...HW treatment, spay...

Meanwhile, Penny the Princess has turned into Penny the Hussy. Yep. She's coming in season. Pestering the male chihuahua unmercifully. Fortunately, Skeeter is neutered, so he couldn't pee a drop if he had to. Doesn't stop him from trying. Doesn't stop Penny from flirting. So getting her spayed is pretty high on my list of priorities.

She finished up her antibiotics yesterday. I'm happy to report that there's no vestige of the nasty infection she had when we brought her home. The coughing cleared up about four days ago, so that's no longer bothering her.

Her weight is holding at 9 pounds. Currently, she's on 1/3 cup in the morning and at night - and she is on kibble; I just soak it for a few minutes in hot water and then drain the water. Once some of the medical issues are dealt with, I'll reevaluate that amount. For now, it's keeping her at a good weight, but it may be too much once she's completely healthy.

I'm still seeing allergies. They apparently are related to something in our yard (just how that could be when nearly everything is dead from the drought, I have no idea) that aggravates her. A good bath with a deep conditioner helped last week, and her daily brushing is helping. If it gets too bad, she's got Benadryl to help her out. I really want to get a hot oil treatment in the next week and put that on her. Her coat and skin are in ever so much better shape, but I used to use it on one of my standards who had wonky skin at times, and it helped her.

Speaking of coat, our little Penny is beginning to put some on. She'll never be dripping in coat, but I'm seeing the feathering fill out and get longer. She's got some pretty skimpy britches, so I'll be happy if those fill in a bit. The coat on her body is also thickening up a bit. Doubt there will be too much added in the extreme heat of August, but it will be interesting to see what daily brushing and good food do for her by December.

I've been trying to get photos, too. It's still WAY too hot to try for outside shots, but she's not been very cooperative in the house. By the time my digicam is ready to go, she's shifted positions, so what would have been a good photo of her pretty head turns into a less than inspiring shot of her ear. **sigh** I can only hope I can get some decent shots soon.

So that's where the little doll is. She's getting healthy, she's still EVER so happy. Oh, and she's learned to manage her tongue about 95% of the time and just LOVES to give Penny Kisses. A sweeter, happier little girl you couldn't ask for.

This is the only photo I've been able to get in the last several days. You can see she's become Flirty Gerty. :)