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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another addition...???

Sounds like it.

ATDR has a 12 1/2 year old mini dapple bitch who is currently in foster in Corpus who needs to find another foster home.

Heike was pulled from a kill shelter this spring and went into foster at that time. Then circumstances caused her foster parent to have to disperse her foster dogs, and she's with another foster parent in a situation that just isn't working well for anyone involved.

So Randall and I told ATDR that if they can get the little girl up here to Waco, we'll give her sanctuary as long as she needs it.

Not sure when this will take place, but I suspect sooner rather than later. I know the good folks at ATDR are trying to get the transport details worked out.

Here is Heike's page over on the ATDR website. Once she's here, I'll modify the blog layout to reflect the two girls we have in foster .

Heike on ATDR