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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Morning Update, July 31, 2011

What a difference 24 hours and some antibiotics make. :)

Little Henny Penny is definitely feeling better. She was apparently feeling the need to pee, though, at about 3:30 this morning, when she woke us up barking in her crate. Randall got up and let her out, and she trotted right down the gravel path and out into the yard. When he looked out a few minutes later, she was up on the patio exploring. So while we didn't appreciate the middle of the night wake up, we did appreciate the fact she felt like looking around her environment.

Randall said when he let everyone out at the regular time this morning, she was way out in the back of the yard exploring with Skeeter (my husband's Chihuahua).

She also ate a bit of breakfast this morning. Granted, it was some leftover soup I made up for her yesterday morning, and it was pureed, but she had a tablespoon or so of canned Pedigree (which she was eating a bit of before I got her). All in all, it was somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 cup of food. So that's a definite improvement. It was also on a saucer, in the kitchen rather than in a bowl in her crate, but I've gotten the impression she's not really crate trained, but was just happy to go into one to rest. Once we get past this critical stage, her meals will be in the crate. For right now, though, I'm just happy she's eating.

Rena Bonem, the nice lady who did our home visit yesterday, was kind enough to bring over some cans of better quality dog food. I hope to try some on Penny tomorrow since it looks like she's feeling well enough to sample food. This little girl is skinny, skinny, so getting her to eat anything right now is a priority.

Her coughing is improving, and while her eyes are still goopy, I can tell the eye drops are helping. There's less goop there and it's pretty obvious her eyes are more comfortable. There's also less nasal drainage, and the color has turned to clear - or at least that's what I saw when I cleaned her up before her morning pill.  She's had her third antibiotic, and it's definitely started to reverse the problems. Long way to go yet, but I told her this morning if she kept getting better, I'd be clipping her toenails and cleaning up her feet in no time. Fortunately, she didn't understand a word of that. :)

That's where we are today. I'll start getting weights on her this afternoon around 1 pm, so I'll see where she's at and where she needs to go.

I'll post another update this evening, too, but I feel more positive about her health now that it looks like she's on the mend.