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Friday, May 6, 2011

OC Information

OC had a meet and greet with a prospective adopter today, but it didn't work out. However, I need to get this information out here regardless. :)

Chihuahua/Spitz mix

Neutered male, approximately 8 years old, about 10 lbs

Low grade heart murmur (not on any sort of medical treatment)

Likes cats and small dogs.

Crate trained; UTD on shots and rabies vaccine

2/3 - 3/4 cup Purina ONE Sensitive Systems moistened with water, once daily

I would encourage you to take advantage of the shelter's obedience training offer. He's got a bit of a stubborn streak, but I think most of that can be addressed with training. He's also the sort of dog that I have often thought would make a good therapy dog, or other service dog. Even though he's older than what would normally be desired in a program, he's whip smart and very much wants to please. He loves people, and is equally at home bouncing around and playing or laying next to you on the couch. Training can only improve what's already there. He's a very nice little boy.

He's good with small dogs and cats. He had some issues with larger dogs while at the shelter, but I think that behavior could easily be modified. He was a stray before coming to the shelter and his actions make me think that he had a run in with a larger dog at some point. Patience and behavior modification training will most likely get him over that.

OC currently has some allergies that I've been treating with diphenhydramine (Benadryl). He's had a hot spot show up on his lower back, which has caused him some trouble (that's what he's shaved there), but is clearing up. He appears to have some seasonal allergies and, perhaps, flea allergies (he's currently on Biospot spot treatment and that should be good until 6/4). He has not been heartworm tested, yet.

There is a low grade heart murmur here, but it doesn't restrict his activity, and it's simply something to inform your vet of. He was neutered at the vet's office (La Vega Vet Clinic, 799-0808), but had absolutely no trouble with the anesthesia. His teeth were cleaned at the same time (4/11).

He is very much in love with his crate, and I would really suggest purchasing one. While he will make use of the dog basket and pillow, he is most frequently to be found curled up in his crate. We leave the door open, and if it's shut and he wants in, he'll go in another crate. I suspect since he was a stray, this may be his first real "home" he's ever had. He absolutely loves it. He eats, naps and sleeps overnight in it, so I would definitely crate him when he's alone. He also loves chewing on a smoked knuckle bone, so putting him in a crate with a water source and a bone is probably one of the biggest favors you can do for him. He also readily crates for treats, so some small dog snacks used as a bribe will get him to go in if you need to put him up.

The crate size you'll need is about 25 x 19 x 18. Petsmart carries a Petmate carrier close to the size I use. It's Large: 26.2"L x 18.6"W x 16.5"H (For pets up to 25" tall x 32" long) and is about $45. There are probably other brands that would work as well, but I'd be sure it's the right size, and I'd definitely get a travel crate (and not a wire one) since he likes the "den" atmosphere. Put in the room where he can spend time with his people, and he'll be one happy little OC.