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Friday, March 25, 2011

Update, March 25, 2011

OC is doing well.

He's had one marking "accident" in the house in six days, which is pretty good considering he's an intact male with some pretty strong territorial instincts.

His interaction with Elvis is still problematic. He does well about 95% of the time, but the other 5% has him behaving like a butt. He gave a halfway snap at Elvis tonight when I was putting Elvis on the floor (Randall and I were on the sofa watching a DVD). That got him in big trouble. Since he doesn't like to have anyone angry at him, he went over and laid on the blanket with Haley. About 15 minutes later, he'd moved over to a scratch rug by the coffee table. I picked him back up and put him on the couch, and he spent the next 10 minutes or so sucking up to me.

I really wish we could get him neutered soon. I know that would handle what I'm seeing here. No word yet from the shelter about this, but I'll call Kris on Monday and see if she's heard anything about this. It needs to be done soon, or it will need to wait until late April when I come back from Dallas.

I do want to take him down to the shelter next week and have him heartworm tested. My guys get their preventative on the 4th of each month, so I'd like to know next week what I'm looking at.

He's been on Benadryl today, too. I'm trying to break the itch cycle he has going on. I'm almost certain we've escaped the flea problem I was afraid he'd brought with him, but he's got allergies...both tactile and airborne. Bless his heart he's been scratching and gnawing now for several days (all of our guys are having oak allergies, which makes the flea issue hard to identify unless I see bodies). This morning he was miserable and started sneezing, so out came the Benadryl. He got a dose at 9:00, 3:00 and 9:00. This last one has made him drowsy as all get out, but he's not scratching or sneezing. I'm hoping tomorrow and Sunday to only have to give him two pills. I don't want to knock him out, but bathing him gave no relief, so it's time for medication.

We're still working on crate training, and handling attention from men. My dad couldn't get over here this week, but I'm hoping maybe next week. I'm also hoping we can find someone who can take him for the two or three days Randall will need to be in Dallas to pick me up.

Not sure if I'll get an update in tomorrow or not. Definitely not sure about Sunday...some real life stuff going on on that day, but if not then I'll post again on Monday.