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Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011 Update

There was a bit of a problem last night with OC after I posted the update. Actually a couple of them.

The first happened when Ollie came off the bed and into my lap (my desk is in here in the bedroom, and I'd rolled my office chair over where he could easily walk onto my lap). OC took that as some sort of invitation to go after Ollie. I put my hand down to block him, and he sort of did a face-palm thing. He hit my hand hard enough to knock himself off balance, and then, of course, he was hearing from me about his behavior. He ran over to the blanket  by my desk, turned his back to me and laid down. LOL

After a few minutes I went over and sat on the floor near him. He cut his eyes over, kept his head on his paws, and didn't move. I was definitely getting the cold shoulder, but it told me he was thinking about what had happened. A little later and he was over his pout.

Only to get in trouble again by growling at Elvis twice when Elvis tried to lay on the blanket. Just why this was a problem last night when everyone has been camped out on it next to each other at different times over the last couple of days, I have no idea. So he got some verbal corrections twice about that.

This morning, he appeared to be over whatever grumps he had going yesterday. This behavior is really not surprising considering OC isn't neutered, Elvis isn't neutered, and the pack hierarchy has Elvis second behind Skeeter. Pretty obviously OC is determined to be second, though I really don't think Elvis would complain. Elvis' background and his behavior here over the last couple of years makes me think that just won't be a problem. Of course OC doesn't know that yet, but regardless, he will not be allowed to pick on another dog.

Randall had to mow today, and because everyone has been itching from the oak mold, everyone got a bath. You could see OC was really rethinking the benefits of being an indoor dog. *g* However, he was itchy, too, and since the bath, most of that has stopped.

He's been here since Friday, and even though he's eaten and slept in his crate, he hasn't voluntarily gone in to lay down...until this afternoon. He's been in there several times just curled up and napping. This is good. One more step in the crate training now that he sees it as his den...that will make crating on command easier.

He's also started coming up to Randall with a wagging tail. He always would come up, but usually only when called and then with a submissive stance. I'm now seeing the happy dog wanting attention, so progress is being made there, too.

I hope to get a weight on him tomorrow or Wednesday.  We've got a couple of major errands to run tomorrow, so it may not be until Wednesday.

With any luck, I'll get some more pictures of him outside and I can post those, too.