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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Missing items...

Snickers is. :)

From both ends.

He's home from the clinic, neutered and clean toothies.

His teeth were absolutely atrocious. One of the techs said they were the worst she thinks she's ever seen. Rotting food, rotting teeth, bleeding gums.

Five are now gone, and the remainders are nice and clean.

Needless to say, his breath is 100% better.

He had an antibiotic shot, and we have 10 days of Clindamycin for him. That should help clear up any infection that the shot might miss.

Since he only had five teeth pulled, I'm going to transition him over to kibble. He didn't have breakfast this morning, so I'll offer him a couple of tablespoons of soft food. I'll keep him on the soft stuff for a couple of days and then start moving him over to the crunchy stuff. That means I can also move his main meal to the evening. I'm also not going to feed the full amount since the transition to kibble will be easier if he's a bit hungry. And, well, he's now on a diet anyway.

The little guy has got to feel better. I know all the dogs greeted him by way of smelling his mouth. That's really the first time any of them could stand to be that close to his head. Everyone seemed relieved.

And now Randall and I can slobber all over him too. Much easier to love on a dog who doesn't kill you when he breathes on you. :)

I'll post again tomorrow after he's had a chance to sleep off the remaining anesthesia.