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Friday, January 14, 2011

Afternoon Update 1/14/2011

Talked briefly with Sandy out at the shelter and let her know that Snickers is giving me every indication of mouth problems. She was going to try to speak with Tim (Kris, their new foster director, is out with the flu) and let him know that when Snickers went in for his neuter, his teeth needed attention.

I called back around 4:30, and she hadn't had a chance to talk to him. I mentioned that I'm hearing some snorting and hacking along with a bit of mouth pawing. If it continues, he needs to go up to the shelter to get his temp taken and get on antibiotics. I suspect we'll probably do that as a precaution provided it's not raining (the windshield wipers on our van are on the blink).

As far as the integration goes, it's slow, but progressing. Snickers wants to be on the pillows with the others (when he's not curled up in his crate). He'll come in here in the bedroom where I am with my PC and sleep on the blanket I have in here, but he really likes the idea of the acrylic blankets on pillows in the den.

As expected, Haley if perfectly happy to have another warm body out there. Elvis is a bit less sure of the situation, but it looks like he has accepted the newcomer pretty well. The problem child is still Skeeter, but I'm seeing less posturing than I did last night and this morning. And fewer growls coming from Skeeter, though he's still making sure the newcomer knows that Randall is "his." There's not that problem with me since I'm pretty much the pack leader, but Randall belongs to Skeeter anyway, and Skeeter wants that made clear.

I've put a sweater on him since, like most mini-dachshunds, Snickers craves warmth. While he might be housebroken, I can tell you he's is not so happy to go outside that he's enjoying the cold and damp. He's definitely a comfort seeker, and the pillows and blankets call his name loudly.

I've made the decision that Snickers won't be joining us at the dinner table during meals. While our guys are welcome and get tidbits, they're ours...Snickers really isn't, and while it doesn't bother us to have extra eyes begrudging us of our food, another family might. So dinner time will be down time for Snickers.

I'm also going to set up a Photo Bucket album for Snickers. While I'm REALLY lax about posting Elvis and Ollie photos out there, I think it's a good vehicle for others to see Snickers and get a better idea of what he's like. It's one reason this blog is sort of generic. While Elvis is a permanent foster and Ollie is a senior cat who may be here permanently, we hope to have foster animals who are adoptable. With that in mind, this blog will be for them.

So expect to see additions/deletions and changes as I try stuff out and see what works.